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Why You Should Consider Divorce Mediation

Mediation is a type of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) that is often very successful in resolving family law cases. One of the goals of mediation is to reduce tension between the parties that is caused by litigation. When they go to mediation, people are often able to resolve family law issues without the need for a trial. Attorneys at our firm are certified in civil mediation and can assist with your domestic mediation as well. We can assist you in the mediation of your divorce or other family law matter by representing you at mediation as your attorney.

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The Benefits Of Mediation

Mediators are neutral parties who do not have the authority to make decisions about cases. Their job is to help the parties reach an agreement via discussion and negotiation. Each party is able to provide input and is usually more satisfied with the results than with the outcome of a trial. Typically, it is better for everyone involved if they create their own solution rather than leave the decisions up to a judge.

Because mediation is less formal and stressful than a trial, people are usually more relaxed and able to work together effectively. Under the supervision of a certified mediator, the parties and their lawyers discuss how to resolve their divorce, spousal support, child custody, visitation, child support or modification matters.

People with children often find mediation especially helpful. Instead of subjecting the children to a stressful trial, mediation allows children to see their parents working together. This process is less damaging to family relationships than a contentious trial.

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