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Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Lawyers Who Care About Your Best Interests

If you’ve fallen behind on your bills, the constant creditor calls and letters can feel overwhelming. At Hatfield Harris, PLLC, we help clients in Rogers and throughout Northwest Arkansas stop creditor harassment, prevent wage garnishment and stop repossessions through Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

Filing for Chapter 7 can also stall the foreclosure process, giving you the time you need to come current on mortgage payments or sell your home.

Stop creditor harassment, eliminate your debts and regain control of your life. Contact Hatfield Harris, PLLC, for help.

Personal Bankruptcy Attorneys Giving Clients A Clean Slate

When unexpected life events – such as lost jobs, divorce or illness – make it difficult to make ends meet, many people turn to credit cards to keep up with the daily costs of living. As credit card debt increases, it is easy to fall further and further behind. There is a way out. Filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy will eliminate your debts and give you the fresh start you deserve.

At Hatfield Harris, PLLC, our lawyers carefully evaluate each client’s debts and assets to determine whether filing a Chapter 7 bankruptcy will offer them the best path to debt relief.

Chapter 7 often provides individuals with the fastest and most efficient way to eliminate debt. In order to file for Chapter 7, individuals must qualify under the “means test.” This is a two-part test that evaluates both your average monthly income and the amount of your debts.

If you do not qualify for Chapter 7 because your income is too high, or if you have substantial assets you want to protect, a Chapter 13 filing may be a better solution.

Eliminate Your Debts, Keep Your Property

Commonly referred to as a “liquidation bankruptcy,” many people believe they will be forced to sell all their assets during a Chapter 7 bankruptcy – this is far from true. Chapter 7 has exemptions that shield many properties from creditors. Most people are able to complete the process with all their assets intact.

If you are struggling with debt, we can help. Contact Hatfield Harris, PLLC, at 479-250-1962 to speak with an experienced Rogers Chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney. We offer flat fees and free consultations.

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