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Medical debt is a troubling situation but you do have options

Medical care is sometimes necessary, but in the absence of excellent insurance, it is a costly expense that can lead to financial devastation. If you are facing crippling medical bills, you aren't alone.

Coming up with a plan to handle medical debt is the first step to getting out of it. One of the first things that you need to do is to find out how much debt you have due to medical care you received. As you are going through bills, scrutinize them. Make sure that you are only being charged for services you received.

How does the statute of limitations affect debts?

When you're in debt, it's one of the worst feelings in the world. You know you have to pay the money you've borrowed back, but depending on the situation, that might be a difficult task.

One thing you should know is that every state has a statute of limitations on how long a party can wait to collect a debt. For example, if you are loaned $1,000 and the company forgets to bill you for a significant number of years, it may no longer be able to collect that money from you legally.

Take control of your credit card bills today

Now that Christmas is over, you can stop stressing about handing out the perfect gifts. This is also the perfect time to take control over your credit card debt so that you aren't forced to rely on them to pay for next year's Christmas at an alarming interest rate. We realize that financial freedom is a goal that you might want to set for 2018.

One of the first things that you need to do is sit down and find out how much you owe. This is something that can be a shocking revelation if you haven't ever taken the time to add everything up. Once you know what you owe, you can make a plan to start paying the accounts off.

Drug dealing charges must be handled carefully

Some people turn to anything they can do to make money. If you turn to selling illegal substances, you are taking a risk of landing yourself in front of a criminal justice judge. This isn't a good place to be, but you need to face the situation head on so that you have time to prepare for what's to come.

Drug dealing charges in Arkansas are pretty serious charges. There are several factors that come into the picture to determine what types of charge you will face. The type of drug and the amount of that drug are two of the primary factors. Any prior drug offenses that you've had will also come up. Even the location of the drug sale and the person you sell to can impact the case.

Past-due debt a growing problem for people in America

It's a fact that Americans are often well over their heads in debt. America is one of a few countries where wealth doesn't necessarily result in a debt-free life.

When looking at the state of Arkansas, a map indicating how far in debt people in the state tend to be shows that there are no counties in which fewer than 31 percent of people are free from debt. That's a tragedy, because there are many ways for people to look at their debts and to start to eliminate them.

What role do veterans courts have in the criminal justice system?

Navigating through the criminal justice system is difficult for many people. For veterans who have experienced the horrors that come with service, the difficulty is even greater.

Veterans courts aren't a commonplace solution in the United States, but there are some in Arkansas that can help veterans with all sorts of different legal problems. There are many different considerations that come into the picture with these programs, so people who are wondering about them must decide if they will be able to comply with the requirements if they are accepted into the program.

Stop the vicious debt cycle that comes with credit cards

Debt isn't a pleasant place to live. While it is possible to carry a credit card balance and still be able to enjoy life, there are some instances in which this just isn't possible. The beginning of the year is one time when many people come to realize just how difficult things have gotten with their finances. If you come to realize this in the upcoming weeks, you should know that you do have options to deal with the overwhelming debt.

There are several things that filing for bankruptcy can do for you. First, you will have relief from the financial hardship that the debts have caused in your life. You might also have some relief from the stress of answering your phone because when you file for bankruptcy, you have the protection of an automatic stay. The automatic stay prevents creditors from contacting you regarding the debts.

Avoid overspending this year with these tips

The holidays are almost here, and that means lots of new gifts and items are on display at all the local shops. In 2016, 27 percent of shoppers claimed they had no budget, and another 24 percent went over their budgets. As someone who is trying to get out of debt, it's important that you understand what you can do to celebrate the holidays without going into unnecessary debt.

The best thing you can do for yourself is to avoid overspending. For some, that means staying away from sales or stores until after the holiday season. For others, developing a budget is enough. Here are a few ideas to keep your spending in check.

  • Make a plan

Drug court's role in the Arkansas judicial system

It is all too easy to think that people who do drugs should just be sent to prison. After all, that is a place where they can get clean, right? This is totally wrong. It is often possible, and sometimes easier, for people in prison to get ahold of drugs. There is a fairly good chance that going to prison isn't going to do a person addicted to drugs any good at all.

There is another option for some people who are facing drug charges in Arkansas because of addiction. There are currently 39 drug courts in this state. The exact role of these drug courts is to help people who are addicted to drugs get the help they need to get off the drugs. By doing this, the thought is that the addict will be less likely to commit crimes and return to the criminal justice system.

Find your holiday joy and avoid facing violent crime charges

Being charged with a violent crime isn't something that should be high on anyone's holiday wishlist. Unfortunately, there are some instances in which family gatherings might turn into one big argument. It is best to know your boundaries so that you can make the decision about when it is best to leave.

One thing that can spark the discord is politics. In many families, the political discussions are likely best avoided. This is especially true now that there is such a volatile situation going on. We understand that you might not be able to avoid this topic completely; however, you should remember that having to go to jail because of a fight isn't something that you want.