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Can you qualify for Chapter 7 bankruptcy without a low income?

When you're struggling to make ends meet, one of the things you may want to consider is Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Liquidation bankruptcy, as it is also known, can be a great way to get out of debt without having to start over completely.

In Chapter 7 bankruptcy, there is the potential to lose some of the things you possess, but there are many exemptions to help you protect your property. You may be able to keep things like clothing for work, your primary car or truck and your home, depending on the circumstances and exemptions you qualify for.

Enjoy the upcoming holiday, but don't drive home drunk

As the weather gets nicer, people are going to start heading out to outdoor activities with friends. Anyone who is going to out this weekend should take the time now to ensure that they have a safe way home. Trying to drive after having a few drinks could spell disaster for the driver because police are likely going to watch vehicles very closely this weekend thanks to the Cinco de Mayo festivities.

Facing a drunk driving charge isn't easy. You have to think about the monetary aspects of the charge because these can be considerable. You will probably miss out on some income because you have to take time off work to focus on the case and attend hearings. You will have some costs, including fines, to pay if you are convicted or plead guilty to the charge. You may also have increased expenses due to having to find rides if your driver's license is suspended.

Marijuana possession charges still happen in Arkansas

Marijuana is a drug that is becoming more widely accepted, but it is one that is still considered illegal by the federal government. In Arkansas, you can face criminal charges for having marijuana in your possession if you don't have the drug for medicinal purposes and in a manner that complies with Issue 6; however, this charge isn't associated with the harsh penalties of other drugs like methamphetamine or heroin. This doesn't mean that you can ignore them. Instead, you have to face them head-on.

For the possession of marijuana, the weight of the drug determines what you are facing. For smaller amounts of less than 4 ounces, you will have to answer to a Class A misdemeanor if it is your first marijuana charge. Subsequent charges and those associated with more than 4 ounces are felony charges.

How does debt affect Americans?

Credit card debt has become a significant problem for Americans. Individual credit card debt stands at around $5,331 as of 2019. In most cases, Americans don't pay the amount owed in full, either, which is another issue. By not paying in full, they face interest accruing; Interest can exceed 25 percent annually.

Between the ages of 45 and 54, people usually reach the peak of their spending on credit cards. Since these are peak earning years, it makes sense that people feel more comfortable spending and maintaining a higher level of debt each month. However, as people age, the amount they owe generally declines.

Differences between handheld devices and Breathalyzers

Many people who are pulled over for the suspicion of drunk driving falsely assume that the test they take on the handheld machine on the side of the road is going to be what is used to establish that they were intoxicated at the time they were stopped. In reality, the reading that will be used in court will come from either a larger machine at the police station or the blood or urine sample taken at a hospital or medical center.

The handheld machine that police officers carry in a squad car is actually a preliminary alcohol screening device or PAS. These aren't as accurate as the larger machines, or Breathalyzers, that are in the departments. Because of this, the PAS can only establish probable cause to conduct an arrest. Still, it is possible for the police officer to arrest someone based on other points even if they don't have the results from the PAS.

Don't let medical debt complicate your life

Medical debt is one of the reasons why some individuals have to file for bankruptcy. This is a shame because even people who are well-insured can face this issue due to the high costs of co-payments and deductibles. Plus, these huge medical bills might come at a time when your income is reduced or eliminated because of your health problems.

We know that this is a traumatic situation for you and your family, especially since you are probably emotionally spent from the medical crisis. You certainly don't need a financial crisis to follow so closely on the heels of a medical one!

Medical debt: When it takes over your life, you can get help

Americans often struggle with medical debt. The debt can become overwhelming, especially when a person doesn't have insurance or has poor coverage.

Even with the assistance of others, the medical debt you face may be so much that you can't foresee ever paying it off. If that sounds like your situation, then you need to know your options.

Bankruptcy can mean restructuring your life

Trying to find your financial footing after a bankruptcy can be challenging. Not only must you rebuild your credit, you also have to stay on top of your basic bills. Some people assume that things will be fine once their debts are discharged. But the truth is that you will likely be on a tight budget for awhile.

Creating a budget is one of the best things that you can do when you are trying to overcome the deficits of filing for bankruptcy. This illustrates where your money goes and where you can save a few dollars. It is also a chance for you to boost your savings. When you are on a budget, use cash to pay for all purchases. This lets you actually see the money going out, which can help you control where you are spending every dollar.

Drug charges vary greatly according to circumstances

The use of drugs is something that addicts can't easily get away from. These individuals face a tough road to recovery when they try to get off the substances. Unfortunately, this need to get clean might come at a time when they are facing criminal charges related to their drug usage. This makes it difficult to address the addiction because they become focused on the charges.

There are many different types of criminal charges that a person might face due to a drug addiction. Two that are fairly common are possession of the drugs and possession of drug paraphernalia. Both of these must be treated seriously. In both cases, the items at the heart of the matter don't have to be on your person. Instead, they only have to be in an area that you control. This could be the glove box of a car, a nightstand or your purse, as well as other locations.

How can you pay off your mortgage and avoid bankruptcy?

A mortgage is one of the largest debts you'll have in your life. For many people, the idea of taking on so much debt is daunting. However, like most debts, it's possible to take steps to make them affordable and easy to pay down over time.

There are many ways that you can pay off your mortgage faster than the 15- or 30-year timeline. Here are some tips on paying off your home.