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The Guidance You Need And Deserve For Probate

Probate is often an overwhelming process. Whether you are handling the probate of a loved one’s estate or you are considering how probate will affect your own estate, you should have the counsel of an attorney.

You can turn to Hatfield Harris, PLLC, for all the assistance you need. We serve clients in Rogers and throughout Northwest Arkansas who seek guidance for probate, estate administration and more. Our approachable team of attorneys personalizes our approach to suit your unique needs.

What If Someone Dies Without A Will?

Probate is quite different when someone dies intestate, or without a will. When someone leaves behind a will, the assets included often do not have to go through probate. Without a will, however, the court will distribute the decedent’s assets according to Arkansas intestacy law. This means that the deceased person’s valuables, sentimental items and other property might not go to the people they would have intended. That is why an estate plan is crucial for every adult.

Probate: Answering Common Questions

We understand that going through probate is not only stressful but also confusing. Because we have a thorough knowledge of the many laws involved, we can let you know what to expect and what you need to do. Here, we have answered a few recurring questions that we receive from clients.

What are the responsibilities of the executor in probate?

Executors manage a deceased person’s estate after they pass away. Some of the common duties of executors include:

  • Notifying beneficiaries
  • Inventorying assets
  • Repaying creditors
  • Identifying and distributing assets
  • Paying taxes

If you are an executor, these tasks can seem overwhelming when you attempt them on your own. We can help you manage all of them.

Who can contest a will?

Not everyone has the right to contest a will. You must prove that you are an interested party – meaning, you have the legal grounds to contest a will. This means that you are a current beneficiary, that you could be a beneficiary under Arkansas intestate succession laws or that the decedent made you a beneficiary in a prior will.

When is probate necessary?

If a decedent left an estate worth less than $100,000 and made a will, Arkansas does not require probate. If the estate is worth more than $100,000, it must pass through probate even if a will exists.

How long does probate take?

This answer varies depending on the many details related to each estate. Usually, the process lasts between six to 12 months. Smaller estates tend to take less time, while complex estates take more.

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