Protecting Your Rights And Your Future

Defending Your Freedom Against Drug Possession Accusations

Possession of controlled substances – such as marijuana, cocaine, heroin and methamphetamines – is illegal. If caught, you face the possibility of large fines and years in prison.

Drug possession and possession with intent to sell are serious criminal charges. A conviction will have a lasting impact on your life. Protect your rights. Contact Hatfield Harris, PLLC, for strong defense against your criminal charges.

Located in Rogers, Hatfield Harris, PLLC, helps clients throughout Northwest Arkansas fight their drug possession charges, protect their freedom and preserve their futures.

Protecting Your Rights

At Hatfield Harris, PLLC, our lawyers are experienced criminal defense professionals. For more than 20 years, Rogers drug possession attorney Andrew Hatfield has been providing strong defense against drug possession charges.

We know there is more to the story than what is in the police report. Our attorneys dig deep to uncover the true story.

Did the police have probable cause to stop and search you? Were the drugs found on your body or in the near vicinity? What interrogation methods were used? Do witnesses have ulterior motives for testifying against you?

If your rights were violated at any stage of your arrest or during interrogation, we will fight to have your charges dropped.

Drug Possession Charges – Not To Be Taken Lightly

In Arkansas, drug possession charges are broken down into different classes, depending on the type and amount of drug involved. The more dangerous the drug and the greater the quantity, the more serious the penalty if convicted.

  • Class A misdemeanors – up to one year in jail and fines up to $2,500
  • Class D felonies – up to six years in prison, fines up to $10,000
  • Class C felonies – three to 10 years in prison, fines up to $10,000
  • Class B felonies – five to 20 years in prison, fines up to $15,000
  • Class A felonies – six to 30 years in prison, fines up to $15,000
  • Class Y felonies – up to 40 years in prison and large fines

Even after serving your fine, a drug conviction will leave a permanent mark on your criminal record and make it hard to find a job, gain entry into school or obtain federal student loans.

A felony conviction will have a lasting impact on your life. You will be stripped of your right to vote and will no longer be allowed to own or possess a gun.

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