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Answering Your Estate Planning Questions

Estate planning can bring up many questions, especially for those who have recently begun the process. The attorneys at Hatfield Harris, PLLC, have compiled some of the most common concerns among our clients in Rogers and addressed them below.

Why is estate planning important?

Estate planning is essential because it keeps you in control, even when you’re not around anymore. When you pass away, you leave things and people behind that will need caring for. Without legal arrangements, the state decides how to handle it, which may not be to your or your family’s liking. 

Isn’t estate planning just for wealthy, elderly people?

While estate planning is especially relevant for older people and those with many assets, everyone should do it. Regardless of age or financial standing, there’s always something or someone you’ll want to protect or some wishes you’d like to have honored after you pass away. Legal arrangements can help accomplish these things.

What should my estate plan include?

To create the foundation of an effective estate plan, consult an attorney about the following components: 

  • A will
  • A trust
  • A financial power of attorney
  • An advanced health care directive

You may discover more tools that could benefit you and your loved ones upon seeking specialized legal guidance.

How can an attorney help with estate planning?

With legal guidance, you can ensure you have all the elements in your estate plan necessary to achieve your goals and protect your legacy. An estate planning attorney can explain your decisions’ legal and tax implications. And they can help you make updates or changes to your arrangements over the years so that they remain effective.

Start Preparing For The Future Today

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