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Creative, Sensitive Solutions To Legal Issues Involving Your Children

Child custody is determined by what is in the best interest of the child. In many cases, however, parents have very different ideas about what is best for their children. To work through custody, visitation and child support issues, you want a lawyer who will protect your rights and your relationship with your child. Whether your case is straightforward or the other parent is contesting every point, we can help you through it.

Family law attorneys at Hatfield Harris, PLLC, understand that parents need legal and emotional support during this time. Please call 479-250-1962 to schedule a free consultation with a Bentonville child custody attorney.

Arkansas Child Custody And Visitation

The court considers many factors in custody determinations, including the needs of the child, the ability of each parent to provide care, the current relationship of the child with each parent, the stability of the home and any evidence of parental unfitness. While mediation is not required for custody, it is used fairly often, especially for working out joint custody. We can help you write a parenting agreement that works for your family.

We also help parents seeking or contesting custody and visitation modifications. If a parent is moving out of state, the other parent’s visitation may be affected. We will strive to find a solution that works for parents and children.

Child Support

Arkansas uses a statutory family support chart to determine child support. It is largely based on the income of the payer, although the income and needs of the receiving party and the number of children are considered. There is generally not much deviation from the formula, but we can argue for you if special circumstances require an exception.

To modify a child support order, the parent seeking the modification must prove that there has been a significant change in circumstances. This may include a job loss, other financial hardships, one parent’s income increasing or a change in the child’s needs. We handle requests for increases, decreases and termination of support.

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