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February 2019 Archives

Exemptions can help you start over with valuable property

Bankruptcy is something that no one wants to enter into initially, but this may be due to the myths that surround it. Many people think of bankruptcy as the final way to eliminate debt, but they also may believe that it will leave them destitute. This could not be further from the truth.

Aggravated assault charges: Specific qualifications must exist

Aggravated assault charges must be handled carefully, so defendants should understand some of the basic points about the charge. There are many things that you need to remember if you are in this position. This charge is a step above a normal assault charge. The decision to up the charges to aggravated assault isn't one that is taken lightly. In fact, there are special conditions that must be present for a case to qualify as an aggravated assault.

Know your options for facing drug charges

Drug charges must be addressed as quickly as possible. Even if you think that you have plenty of time before you go to court, you should get started on your defense strategy as quickly as possible once you know that you are facing charges. We know that this might be a complex and difficult situation for you because of the possibility of serious penalties.

Financial challenges involving credit cards require attention

Credit card debt isn't something that you should carry from one month to the next. Instead, you should try to pay the balance off every month. While it is understandable that this isn't always possible, it is a good goal to have. Of course, there is a chance that something will happen that could prevent you from being able to pay off these bills as you have in the past.

Investing with credit is a risky behavior for consumers

Credit card debt can be something that holds you back or helps you as you improve your life. You might take on debt in the short-term to buy furniture for a new home or place your purchases on a card to reap the rewards of cash-back offers.

Use care this weekend to avoid drunk driving charges

This weekend is a big one for parties. For the people who plan on going out to watch the big game on Sunday, taking the time to find a designated driver or another responsible way home must be a priority now. There is a chance that you might be pulled over by police officers if you opt to try to drive yourself home after the game. This could be devastating if you have had alcoholic beverages during the evening.