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Enjoy your retirement -- Take care of debts before you retire

Many people view retirement as a time of fun and relaxation; however, those aspects of retirement can be thwarted if you are drowning in debt. There are specific types of debt that you should try to take care of before you retire so that you can enjoy the freedom of not having to punch a time clock each day.

Is medical debt negotiable? How can you pay it off?

Medical debt, like many other types, can be overwhelming and all-encompassing. It nearly always following unexpected injuries or illnesses, which means that you can't be prepared for the cost of the illness entirely. Even if you have health insurance and a savings, those support lines can easily be maxed out when you suffer a serious illness.

Medical bills can leave you drowning in debt

One reason why some people go so deep into debt that they need to file for bankruptcy is medical debt. This type of debt is hard to get away from if you are uninsured, underinsured or have high deductibles for care. There isn't much you can do when you need medical care, but there are some choices you have when you get the bill.

Managing medical debt starts with knowing your insurance coverage

There are a few ways to manage or avoid falling into medical debt. As a patient, knowing that your medical expenses could be thousands of dollars is stress you don't need. Many people in America struggle with medical debts; it's important for you to know some options that are open to you if you're in that group.

Health care system can lead to unmanageable medical debt

The medical bill debt crisis faced by many Americans is a growing problem with no relief in sight, including here in Arkansas. Consumer bankruptcy filers often cite medical debt as their primary problem. There are generally two types of patients having trouble with medical debt: those who are insured and those who are uninsured.

Medical debt need not burden the lives of cancer victims

There are many unfair aspects of our health care insurance coverage for consumers in Arkansas and throughout the nation. The most devastating aspect of the weaknesses of the system is seen with those people who are fighting a possibly fatal disease such as cancer. Instead of the health care network nationwide being set up to take care of those individuals, it is more harsh on them by loading them up, in many cases, with huge medical debt that cannot be re-paid.

Relief options for medical debt in Arkansaso

Many Arkansas residents have faced unexpected financial stress due to medical emergencies or long-term treatments of disease. Mounting medical debt overwhelm those who already struggle to make ends meet. In many circumstances, various options allow hardworking people to wipe their slates clean through debt relief.

Medical debt is a major cause of bankruptcy filings

The medical care system in most states, including in Arkansas, remains unaffordable and a financial burden of major proportions to many consumers. The most surprising aspect of the problem is that even people with seemingly adequate health insurance are finding it necessary to file bankruptcy to survive medical debt. Clearly, medical debt has become a leading source of consumer bankruptcy filings nationwide.

Medical debt drains finances of many insured consumers

In Arkansas and throughout the country, hospitals are engaging in a scorched-earth policy of billing patients enormous amounts for tests and medical procedures. When the bills are submitted for payment to the health insurance carrier, the insurers are consistently rejecting a large number of them. The reasons for this burgeoning unpaid medical debt may be partially due to the large deductibles contained in many policies. In other instances, insurers are denying coverage by challenging the wording of coverage clauses and through other procedural technicalities that are generally unfair to defenseless policyholders.