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Drunk Driving Archives

Alleged DWI driver refuses to submit to BAC tests

Arkansas drivers who refuse to submit to Breathalyzer tests or provide samples for toxicology tests to determine blood alcohol content levels may not realize the consequences they could face. A Little Rock man who was suspected of being impaired was recently booked into an Arkansas jail on several DWI-related charges, including refusal to submit to chemical testing. The man allegedly crashed his vehicle into a utility pole and then fled on foot.

Arkansas police target drunk driving during summer holidays

As summer arrives, there are many things to look forward to. People in Arkansas may plan their vacations, open their pools and fire up the grills. When the Fourth of July weekend rolls around, there are fireworks and parties to celebrate the holiday. However, it is also the time when law enforcement redoubles its efforts to prevent accidents due to drunk driving.

Law enforcement officer facing drunk driving charge

A deputy in Saline County was recently arrested for drunk driving after he was involved in a motor vehicle accident. The man was arrested after he crashed a vehicle from the sheriff's office into a tree. Charged with drunk driving, specifically driving while intoxicated (DWI), the Arkansas man is now suspended from work.

Governor's son hits guardrail, arrested for drunk driving

The son of the Arkansas governor was arrested on Sunday, Jan. 25, for DWI, careless driving and refusing to submit to a breath test. For refusing to submit to the test, William Asa Hutchinson III, who is 40, will get an automatic six-month suspension of his driver's license. He was arrested for drunk driving by Arkansas State Police on the southbound exit ramp of Interstate 49, according to police records.

We understand defense is necessary for first-time DWI charges

Under the impression that a first-time DWI charge is no big deal? Unfortunately, the reality is far different in Arkansas. Even if it is only your first drunk driving offense, the possibility of spending time behind bars is very real. Instead of treating a DWI charge as a minor annoyance, consider addressing the issue with dedicated and experienced counsel.

Holiday checkpoints gearing up in Arkansas for DWI arrests

Arrests for drunk driving are up in Arkansas from 2013 to 2014. The Arkansas State Police made 5,563 arrests for DWI in 2014, as compared to the 4,343 arrests made in 2013. The figures may or may not divulge a trend. It could be that in certain counties law enforcement authorities stepped up their enforcement activities, and thereby increased the statewide figures over the prior year.

School superintendent arrested for wrong lane, drunk driving

If a traffic stop is made in Arkansas for a driving violation, the officer may be authorized to engage in testing of the driver. That will be based, however, on the observation of further indicia of drunk driving. The observations may include blood shot eyes, the odor of alcohol and slurred speech. If those factors are present, the driver may be subjected to a field test for basic coordination and a breath alcohol test to measure  blood alcohol content.