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Violent Crimes Archives

Man charged with human trafficking and sexual assault

Sexual assault charges must be factually investigated by defense counsel to assure that the victim is not fabricating a story to get the accused in trouble. Other reasons for incorrect sexual assault charges may involve exaggeration by the victim or by the police concerning the victim's account of what happened, incorrect identity if the assailant is a stranger or any number of bad motives on the part of the victim. In Arkansas, a man was recently arrested for promoting prostitution, trafficking a person and sexual assault.

Woman's arrest leads to domestic violence charge on boyfriend

After two women were arrested in Arkansas on Thursday, Feb. 19 while walking in an allegedly intoxicated condition on the roadway in front of traffic, one of them got the bonus of having police arrest a man who was allegedly involved in an assault on her earlier in the day. The police got enough facts in interviewing the female violator to find out that she had been a victim of domestic violence. They arrested the 23-year-old man for domestic battery.

Teen charged with aggravated assault against mail carrier

When a neighborhood experiences random gun shots being fired into the air on a regular basis, law enforcement authorities will likely feel it necessary to investigate. Little Rock police dealt with this problem in a neighborhood surrounding the intersection of 27th and Adams on Jan. 13, when they received a complaint from the local mail carrier that she had guns pointed and fired at her. Police apprehended and arrested a 16-year-old Arkansas male for aggravated assault.

Many factors weigh in the outcome of a domestic violence case

Police were called to an apartment complex in Arkansas by neighbors suspecting that a woman was being beaten in her apartment. Police eventually had to force their way inside, where they say that they found a battered female victim and arrested her boyfriend. Just another domestic violence incident that police were able to cut off prior to the possibility of deadly consequences.

2 men arrested in Pope County on first-degree murder charges

Defending someone on a first-degree murder charge some five years after the crime occurred can be a massive undertaking for Arkansas criminal defense counsel. On Dec. 5 two men were arrested and charged with the Sept.8, 2009 murder of a 50-year-old Dover man. Authorities said that the investigation has been ongoing and that it was a joint effort of the Arkansas State Police, the Pope County Sheriff's Office and the prosecuting attorney's office in the Fifth Judicial District.

Arkansas man arrested and held on first-degree murder charge

Among violent crimes, a murder case is especially challenging to criminal defense counsel. In Arkansas and elsewhere, a criminal prosecution for first-degree murder requires the full attention of the defense attorney and his investigative staff. It is the attorney's duty to give a vigorous and comprehensive defense, and to recognize and deal with all issues that may exonerate the charges or allow for a reduction in their severity.

Suspect's wife arrested, charged with murder of realtor

In a relatively small suburban Arkansas community, an ongoing murder case can be of intensive interest to the public. A few months back, authorities in Pulaski County arrested a man with a sordid criminal past for the alleged murder and kidnapping of a female real estate agent who was apparently showing or had shown a property to the person believed to have been the perpetrator. On October 30, the authorities arrested the suspect's wife and charged her also with capital murder and kidnapping charges. 

Teaching assistant charged with sexual assault on student

A report by a female student in an Arkansas junior high school has resulted in the arrest of a teaching assistant on sex charges. The Cabot Police Department has charged a 23-year-old female paraprofessional with felony sexual assault against the junior high school girl. The details of the alleged assault have not been reported.