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Getting ready to announce your divorce to your kids

On Behalf of | Sep 5, 2022 | Divorce

Preparing for a divorce isn’t easy for anyone, but things get much more complex when you have children. Parents must think about how and when they will tell the kids about their split.

Going into the discussion with the children is a little bit easier if you have a plan. Take the time to consider these points as you prepare to tell them about the divorce.

Decide when to tell them

Choosing a time to talk to the children is essential. You don’t want to have this conversation right before school or some major event in their life. Instead, choose a quiet time when they will be able to process everything before having to worry about something else.

Present the information as a team

Knowing their parents will work as a team can help them feel more stable. It lets them know that they will continue to have support and love despite the significant change that’s going on.

Try to predict their questions

The kids are likely going to have questions about what’s going to happen. Try to think about these to determine how you will answer them. It might be possible to preemptively give them all the answers to questions you think they’ll have.

Once you separate, you must ensure you have a parenting plan for the children. This can provide them with the stability they need to thrive. It also enables you and your ex to ensure their needs are met. Getting the plan together might require the help of someone familiar with these matters so you can find creative solutions to issues.