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What happens if I want a divorce but my spouse doesn’t?

On Behalf of | Sep 20, 2021 | Divorce

If you and your spouse disagree on wanting a divorce in Arkansas, you’re not alone. Most couples who split are not on the same page: one of the spouses tells the other they want a divorce while the other wants to work on things. You should know what you can do if you want a divorce but your spouse doesn’t want one.

Talk to your spouse

If you have been considering a divorce, talk to your spouse and explain that you are unhappy. Consider bringing up the idea of marriage counseling and that you would like to work on your relationship. Counseling should be an option as soon as there’s a sign of trouble in your marriage.

Be clear about your decision

If you and your spouse have already tried counseling and you haven’t found that it was helpful, you will have to be clear in your decision. Divorce might be the only option if you and your spouse already tried alternatives to save your marriage and they failed. You don’t want to make a decision this big on impulse and regret it later. Never threaten your spouse with divorce simply in the heat of an argument.

Tell your spouse your decision

Tell your spouse about your decision on divorce if you’ve decided that’s the course you want to take. Don’t mince words and give them false hope that makes them believe reconciliation is possible.

Give an explanation if necessary

Sometimes, one spouse is completely taken off-guard when the other tells them they want a divorce. If this is the case, be respectful and calmly explain why you’ve come to your decision.

Although it’s common for one spouse to not want a divorce when the other wants to end the marriage, it can still be a difficult situation. Following these tips can help you when it applies to you and your spouse.