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How Will A DWI Affect Your Personal Life?

On Behalf of | Dec 21, 2020 | Drunk Driving

The consequences of a DWI may be more serious than you think. Most people are aware of the legal penalties involved with a DWI charge, such as fines and license suspension, but the affects of a DWI can go much deeper than administrative penalties.

Additional Consequences

A DWI can affect many aspects of your life. From your personal life to your career, a DWI charge can have lasting consequences that you may not even be aware of such as:

  • Limited job opportunities: A DWI will show up on a background check, which may deter potential employers
  • Losing your current job: Facing a DWI charge can wreak havoc on your schedule, from court dates to potential jail time, your current employer may not be accommodating, and you could lose your job if your DWI takes up too much time
  • Increased insurance rates: Automobile insurance companies can use a DWI as an excuse to increase your rates
  • Stress, embarrassment and anxiety: a DWI may cause significant emotional trauma which can put pressure on your personal relationships and mental health
  • Damaged reputation: DWI arrests and convictions can be accessed by the public and may show up in local media, which may affect your professional and personal reputation

While the immediate consequences such as fines and potential jail time can be overwhelming, the additional, more long-term affects of a DWI should not be taken lightly. Facing a DWI charge should be taken seriously and it is possible to fight the charges, so they do not end up affecting you in the long run.