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Why is divorce more likely in later marriages?

On Behalf of | Nov 30, 2020 | Divorce, Family Law

When you have already been through one divorce in Arkansas, you may look forward to moving on with your personal and romantic life. It takes many people some time to get through the financial, personal and emotional aspects of the end of a marriage, but you may still look forward to pursuing another partner and seeking another opportunity at long-term marital health. However, statistics show that across the country, second and third marriages are increasingly likely to end in divorce, raising some concerns about the reasons for this elevated likelihood.

Divorce may seem more reasonable

Quite simply, people who have already gone through a divorce once are familiar with the process. It may seem less frightening, especially if they understand the legal and financial implications. Having been through a divorce, some individuals know that it is possible to survive and emerge to continue their lives. On the other hand, many people may go through difficult emotional issues at the end of their first marriages. If they experienced infidelity, abuse or other breaches of trust, they may be less likely to give newer partners the benefit of the doubt.

Complications with children and family

In addition, people are less likely to have children during second and third marriages. This means that without child custody concerns, people are less likely to attempt to preserve their marriages for the well-being of their children. In many cases, individuals enter into second or third marriages with their existing kids from prior relationships. Stepchildren may have conflicts with one another or a parent’s new partner, and these tensions may be difficult to resolve.

None of this means that divorce is inevitable when entering a second or third marriage. In many ways, this can actually be a positive. People are less likely to remain in unhappy, difficult or even abusive relationships because of their fear of divorce. Being aware of these concerns can help both partners navigate challenging issues when launching a new relationship and make the best choices for their futures.