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Lawyers may be helpful when filing for bankruptcy

On Behalf of | Nov 5, 2020 | Personal Bankruptcy

Going through bankruptcy is a very challenging time for many people. It could be the only option they have in order to avoid complete financial ruin. Once people make it out of bankruptcy, many of them decide that they will never get into that sort of situation again where they lost control of their financing and spending.

There are many different ways that people can rebuild their financial health once they get out of bankruptcy. Knowing exactly what got them into a bad situation in the first place is one of the first steps that they can take on the road to recovery. One key thing to realize is that their bankruptcy will affect their FICO score.

FICO scores are calculated using personal financial data that’s fed into an algorithm created by the Fair Isaac Company. Generally speaking, the FICO score is tabulated using different parts of a person’s credit profile. The sections of that profile include the length of a person’s credit history, the amount they owe, their payment history, any new credit they’ve taken out and the type of credit they have. All of this information is used to create an individual’s specific credit profile and FICO score. That score is then used by lenders to approve or deny credit. Keeping that score in good standing is what makes it possible for people to buy homes, purchase cars and obtain credit cards.

People who are going through bankruptcy may benefit by working with lawyers who have experience in handling all of the financial issues that arise during the process. Their knowledge may help bankruptcy filers do what they need to after a bankruptcy so that they can start rebuilding their lives.