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Drug court can help people who are committed to the program

| Aug 9, 2019 | Drug Charges

For some people who are facing drug charges, going through a full trial isn’t desirable. Those who have charges involving possession without any extenuating circumstances might choose to pursue the possibility of drug court. This is a special criminal court that brings the punishments of the criminal justice system together with help to address addiction and some of the choices that come with it.

Drug courts in this state are handled through the Department of Community Corrections, which is the same office that works with parolees and probationers. You will have a dedicated officer over your case who you will work with to ensure that you are maintaining the standards set for you. On top of that, you will also have regular court appearances.

One important component of the drug court program is that you will have random drug tests. This means that if your name comes up for one, you will have to report to your officer to have the drug test completed. You have to do this within a specific time frame after the notification that you need to provide a sample.

Another component is that you have to go through rehabilitation for the addiction. This usually requires an inpatient stay at a treatment center. Once you have that completed, you will go to community-based programs like Narcotics Anonymous. The frequency of these is closer in the beginning and then you will be allowed to have more time between meetings as you work through the program.

While drug court is a good fit for some people, it is a very strict program that entails close monitoring. You should only try to get into the program if you are ready to truly live a sober life. There is a chance for further legal action if you don’t remain in compliance with the program’s terms.