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Enjoy the upcoming holiday, but don’t drive home drunk

On Behalf of | May 6, 2019 | Drunk Driving

As the weather gets nicer, people are going to start heading out to outdoor activities with friends. Anyone who is going to out this weekend should take the time now to ensure that they have a safe way home. Trying to drive after having a few drinks could spell disaster for the driver because police are likely going to watch vehicles very closely this weekend thanks to the Cinco de Mayo festivities.

Facing a drunk driving charge isn’t easy. You have to think about the monetary aspects of the charge because these can be considerable. You will probably miss out on some income because you have to take time off work to focus on the case and attend hearings. You will have some costs, including fines, to pay if you are convicted or plead guilty to the charge. You may also have increased expenses due to having to find rides if your driver’s license is suspended.

Not only do you have to consider the money, you also have to figure out how the charge will impact your work life. If you have a job that requires you to have a valid license, such as a delivery driver or a home health aide, you might not be able to keep it. Some insurance companies won’t carry you on the policy, even if your case is resolved and you have your driver’s license back.

We understand that this is challenging to think about, but you should learn about the defense options that you have. You need to think about every aspect of your life that is impacted by this so that you can make a plan for what you are going to do next. To learn more, browse our website pages on driving while intoxicated.