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Use care this weekend to avoid drunk driving charges

| Feb 5, 2019 | Drunk Driving

This weekend is a big one for parties. For the people who plan on going out to watch the big game on Sunday, taking the time to find a designated driver or another responsible way home must be a priority now. There is a chance that you might be pulled over by police officers if you opt to try to drive yourself home after the game. This could be devastating if you have had alcoholic beverages during the evening.

We know that most people don’t go to a party with the plan to drink too much alcohol to make it home safely. Unfortunately, you might not realize that you’ve had one too many. Once you get behind the wheel of a vehicle, the police officers patrolling might spot you and take action.

Facing drunk driving charges is a horrible way to end your Super Bowl night. While you will have to work through the process just like anyone else, we are here to help you vet out your defense options. Remember, you have to think about the criminal aspects of the case, as well as the administrative side.

When you are in this position, you will likely lose your driver’s license. There might be ways that you can keep it or have a provisional license. If this is possible in your case, you will have to act quickly because there are strict time limits that apply. We will help you learn about these and what you can do. Just make sure you don’t put off getting started for too long.