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Possession with intent to deliver laws in Arkansas

| Jan 24, 2019 | Drug Charges

While many states are taking a softer stance against some drugs, Arkansas still has some very harsh penalties for people who are convicted of selling them. If you are found guilty of selling drugs, you can face time in prison as well as fines.

Heroin is one of the drugs that has stiff penalties associated with it. All charges for possession with the intent to deliver are felonies. All of the charges for possession are also felonies. This means that no matter how much heroin you are alleged to have on you, the charge is going to be a felony, and you will be labeled as a felon upon conviction.

For possession with the intent to deliver, the amount of heroin you have in your possession and the location where it was found can have a role in how the case is handled. Subsequent convictions come with double the normal penalties.

  • Less than 2 grams is a Class C felony.
  • 2 to 28 grams is a Class B felony.
  • 28 to 100 grams is a Class A felony.
  • More than 100 grams is a Class Y felony.

People who are found with heroin in these locations can face increased penalties:

  • A shelter
  • A place of worship
  • A drug treatment center
  • A public housing project
  • A day care center
  • A community center
  • A recreation center
  • A skating rink
  • A city park or state park
  • A school bus stop
  • Within 1,000 feet of a school

If you are facing a criminal charge related to any illegal drug, you should explore your defense options right away. An experienced attorney can provide valuable assistance.