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Some defendants need more than just punishments

| Dec 11, 2018 | Drug Charges

There are many reasons people might face drug charges. For possession charges, addiction is a likely issue. For charges related to selling, there is a chance that the person might have just needed quick money to take care of life’s necessities. Unfortunately, having to face criminal charges probably isn’t going to correct either of these issues.

While the criminal justice system is certainly necessary, there are times when people need more than just the punishments the court can impose. We know that criminal charges can sometimes lead to cries for help. Some defendants are ready to get back on track, but they don’t know how.

One important factor for all defendants to remember is that the criminal charges you are facing aren’t going anywhere. You can’t ignore them and hope you won’t have to deal with them. In fact, ignoring the charges can lead to more charges for you if you miss court dates or don’t comply with court orders.

We realize that this might be a frightening time for you, especially if this is your first time in the criminal justice system. We can help to explain what’s going on so that you can make decisions you feel are in your best interests.

Some drug charges come with alternative sentences that might provide you with the help you need. For example, drug court might help addicts to get clean and learn how to become productive members of society. If you are interested in these types of sentences, we can discuss these with you early in your case so we can determine whether you qualify or not.