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Your defense can affect the sentence you are given

| Oct 5, 2018 | Drug Charges

Many Americans suffer from drug addictions. These individuals often turn to illegal means to the get the substances they need. They count on people who are selling them to provide them with their drugs of choice. The vicious cycle continues until something happens to either the addict or the dealer. One thing that might happen is that one party faces criminal charges for their actions.

Drug charges in these cases can lead to some very serious life changes. The person who is facing these might be looking at considerable time in jail or prison. When you agree that you were doing the drugs or selling them, you might not be thinking about being found not guilty in the case. Instead, your focus may be trying to reduce the severity of the sentence you will face.

Every point that you use in your defense has the potential of impacting your sentence in a negative manner or a positive one. This is because the judge who hands down the penalty can use points from both sides of the case as they determine the appropriate types and terms. One particular point that might matter is whether you are truly remorseful for the crime or not. We can work with you on your defense to work toward your goal.

Some individuals might qualify for alternative sentences that keep them from being incarcerated. The conditions for these are very strict. They are aimed at trying to prevent the person from continuing on their current path with drugs. We can help you to determine if you qualify for one of these programs.