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Control credit-card debt when it gets overwhelming

| Jul 12, 2018 | Credit Card Debt

Credit cards can provide a person purchasing power when they can’t use cash or other methods. While many people are able to safely use these cards and pay them off at a reasonable rate, even small financial changes can sometimes lead to an inability to pay the bill. This leads to a need for finding a solution to the issue.

We know that you want to take care of your bills, but that circumstances aren’t making this possible. You do have options that might be able to help you deal with this. One of these is that you might file for bankruptcy. We can help you learn about what this entails and what responsibilities you will have to meet.

When you file bankruptcy, you are sending a clear message to your creditors that you are trying to be responsible. This isn’t an easy way to get out of paying your bills. In fact, you might soon realize that you do have to meet certain criteria along the journey, including needing to go through credit counseling and similar educational requirements.

One thing that you have to determine is which chapter of protection to file. For most consumers, this is either Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy. One of these is for liquidating assets and the other is for making payments to pay off a portion of your debts.

Many individuals find that the automatic stay is a huge benefit in these cases. Once you file for bankruptcy, you won’t have to worry about those creditors contacting you to try to get payments. The automatic stay prevents this from occurring. If you are ready to file, we can help you get started right away.