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Don’t try to run from a drunk driving charge

| Feb 12, 2018 | Drunk Driving

Many people will head out to parties this weekend. Many of these parties will have adult beverages offered. If you plan to partake in spirits or beer, make sure that you have a way to get home afterwards. If you don’t have plans or if your ride didn’t work out as intended, you might decide that you need to drive yourself home. This shouldn’t happen at all, but if it does you need to make sure that there isn’t any other option for you to get home.

There is a fairly good chance that you will end up in jail if you try to drive home drunk. This is because police officers around the county and state are going to be out actively watching for drunk drivers.

If you do get pulled over on your way home, make sure that you take a moment to compose yourself. You need to be able to think about what your rights are and the appropriate ways to assert those rights. You don’t need to do anything that will result in you having to deal with more than just a basic drunk driving charge.

We realize that you probably never thought that you would be in this position. We understand that and will help you to work through the case to determine what options you have. We want to make sure that your rights are respected and that you understand what is going on.

While we are working with you, it is important that you make the decisions about what you want to happen. You are the one who is in charge here. We are only here to help you execute your defense and help you plan.