Protecting Your Rights And Your Future

Explore every defense avenue when facing a violent crime charge

| Nov 6, 2017 | Violent Crimes

Violent crime charges often come with time in prison when a person is convicted. Anyone who is charged with this type of crime has the right to get a defense together against the charges and work to present it during a trial before a jury of peers.

There are many different things that can impact the defense strategies that you choose in these cases. These usually hinge on the circumstances of the crime and what happened. You have to look into all of this and determine what you plan to do.

We want you to realize that even when you acknowledge you did the crime, you might still have options. For example, self-defense might come into the picture if you were being attacked and were simply trying to protect your own life.

You shouldn’t ever discount a defense strategy that might work for your case until you have determined how it might impact your case. Keeping an open mind and working toward building the strongest defense possible can help you with the case. You mustn’t base your defense on what worked for a friend. Instead, a violent crime charge defense must be completely customized to your case.

As you are going through the possible options, you have to think beyond that single defense. Oftentimes, a defense strategy is comprised of more than one component. As long as the components all work together, you might be able to work out a defense plan that addresses the issues at hand. Remember, your defense plan is like a road map, but it is one that can be changed if there are parts of it that need some tweaks.