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Medical care isn’t cheap, but it is often very necessary

| Oct 26, 2017 | Medical Debt

When something happens and you need urgent medical care, you likely aren’t going to think twice about getting the help that you need. Instead, you are going to get the care you need and worry about how to pay for it later.

The health insurance policies available in this country range from amazing plans that cover almost anything to those that seem like they only cover the cheapest treatments possible. If your insurance leaves something to be desired, you might find that the costs of medical care add up quickly.

We understand that you probably didn’t rack up the medical debt on purpose. When you are swimming in medical debt to the point that it is impacting every facet of your life, you need to come up with a plan. You might be able to get the hospital or provider to reduce the charges, but this doesn’t always work.

You do have another option. You might decide that the debt is simply unmanageable. In this case, you might choose to seek protection under a bankruptcy. This option can help you to regain control of your finances. It can also stop the incessant collection efforts like phone calls that the debt collectors are trying in an effort to get you to pay them.

Filing bankruptcy isn’t an admission of defeat against bills. Instead, it is an acknowledgement that you just can’t meet the demands that are being placed on you right now. We can help you to get your petition for protection put together so that you can take the first step toward the financial relief you need.