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Get ready for those 4th of July parties, find a designated driver

| Jul 1, 2017 | Drunk Driving

The Fourth of July holiday is just around the corner, which means lots of patriotic parties will occur over this coming weekend. If there is alcohol at these parties, now is the time to make plans that enable you to make it home safely after the party. This can be anything from finding a designated driver to finding out if a social host will allow you to sleep off the booze before you drive home.

We know that there are some instances in which you might be forced to drive home. In these cases, you have to be very careful about what you do. There is usually an increase in patrols around the holidays, so there is a chance that you will be stopped if you are showing signs of drunk driving.

If you do find that you are facing criminal charges for drunk driving, you should remember that your defense strategy has to begin at the moment you are pulled over. Be careful of what you say and do. Pay attention to what the officers say and do. Follow the officer’s instructions, but notify your attorney if you have questions about taking the field sobriety tests or a breath, blood or urine test. As soon as possible, write down everything that occurred in order to have a record to give your attorney.

Your defense strategy is something that has to be tailored to the circumstances of your case. We will look into the situation and help you to determine which defense options you might use. We can also discuss any other possible resolution avenues that might apply to your case.