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Know where you might focus a drug charge defense

| Jun 2, 2017 | Drug Charges

Arkansas law sets strict penalties for drug convictions. If you are facing a drug charge of any sort, you have to be sure that you understand the possible penalties that you are facing. These can vary greatly, depending on the type of charge.

We know that you are probably concerned about what might happen when your case is resolved. While we are unable to promise you a specific outcome, we can work toward resolving the matter in a way that might minimize the impact it has on your life.

One possibility that we might look into is whether your case will qualify for drug court or not. In this program, which is only available to non-violent cases that meet certain specifications, you would have the court’s supervision during a time of rehabilitation and recovery. You would have to commit to regular drug screenings, community meetings and other conditions. This program isn’t for everyone, but it can help you if you are facing drug possession charges because of an addiction problem.

We understand that this is a trying time in your life. We are here to help you sort through the facts and possibilities that come along with your case so that you can decide what you are going to do. There isn’t any sense in putting off thinking about your defense because you can’t be certain what is going to happen. You should work to be prepared just in case your case does end up going to trial, but in the meantime, you can pursue other resolutions like alternative programs and plea deals.