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September 2016 Archives

Bankruptcy discharge of other debt may ease student loan burden

A medical student who is a popular blogger has revealed how she has paid off large amounts of student loan debts. It involves paying them off through regular payments of funds obtained through very low interest rate credit cards. The ability to do that applies in Arkansas and elsewhere, but can one later file bankruptcy to discharge the credit card debt that may accrue in times of an unexpected emergency?

Man arrested in Walmart on drug crimes re methamphetamine

Generally, the authorities in Arkansas and elsewhere cannot arrest someone who has a strange look or who is walking aimlessly in a public place. There must be some outward manifestation of antisocial or suspicious behavior to make police intervention justifiable. An incident occurred at the Walmart Supercenter in Jefferson County recently that may test that legal premise. A man was stopped in the store, searched and arrested on a charge of drug crimes, but the final verdict on whether it was a valid arrest is uncertain.   

Mother and 8-month pregnant daughter charged with drug crimes

There is a general movement in Arkansas and nationwide trending in the direction of rehabilitation in non-violent drug prosecutions. This is because the so-called war on drugs has been a disaster that has seen increased drug activities on all levels and fronts. The drug war did succeed in filling the nation's prisons to capacity at a cost of trillions of dollars, largely with non-violent individuals convicted of drug crimes. There is a growing consensus, even among some law enforcement offices, that the drug war should be wound down and replaced, where appropriate, with intensive treatment programs.

75-year-old man charged with weapons-related offenses

The police in Arkansas and elsewhere tend to suspect convicted felons of committing new crimes more so than persons with no record. That is why a good criminal defense attorney will not hold the 'convicted felon' tag against a person accused of weapons\-related offenses when that attorney evaluates the case. The seasoned practitioner is likely to know that a convicted felon is more vulnerable to new charges simply because he or she is a convicted felon. The authorities generally find it easier to latch on to a suspect if there is a past record upon which to build a new list of aspersions.

For some persons, bankruptcy may ease a student loan crunch

Student loan debt continues to be a serious economic problem in Arkansas and in the United States. Outstanding student loan debt reached a record $1.35 trillion in 2016, which was an increase from the preceding year. About 10 million people are in default at this time, and that does not include those who are struggling with private student loans. Relief of student loans through bankruptcy continues to be problematic, but a lessening of the rules may be necessary to avert a major economic downturn.

Alleged DWI driver refuses to submit to BAC tests

Arkansas drivers who refuse to submit to Breathalyzer tests or provide samples for toxicology tests to determine blood alcohol content levels may not realize the consequences they could face. A Little Rock man who was suspected of being impaired was recently booked into an Arkansas jail on several DWI-related charges, including refusal to submit to chemical testing. The man allegedly crashed his vehicle into a utility pole and then fled on foot.