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Man held on capital murder charge involving wife’s death

On Behalf of | Aug 9, 2016 | Violent Crimes

When a person is arrested in Arkansas on a homicide charge, it is vital for the suspect to speak with defense counsel as quickly as possible. Statements should not be given to the police or other persons until legal counsel is present to assure the individual of his or her rights. A man was arrested in White County recently on a suspicion of capital murder charge in connection with his wife’s death.

Sheriff’s deputies were apparently called to a location where a 51-year-old woman was found dead under a vehicle in a driveway. Due to sketchy press reports, it is unknown whether the man and woman had been in a fight or whether there were any witnesses to the event. It is unknown whether someone placed the body under the vehicle or whether a perpetrator ran her over with the vehicle and then left the body and fled the scene.

Authorities later arrested her 55-year-old husband on suspicion of murder. It is not known what evidence that they may have to implicate the husband. It is also uncertain whether the location where the body was found was actually the residence of the couple. The man was taken into custody and is being held in the local jail.

All of the foregoing questions must be investigated by defense counsel. The best defense is always supported by intensive investigations and a deep knowledge of the facts of what took place. It may be that the man was not aware of the events, or he may have accidentally hit the woman and then fled in fright. In any event, defense counsel will determine all of the relevant facts and then review with the defendant the best options for a strong defense to the murder charge under Arkansas law.

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