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Sneaky retailer incentives can help push buyers into bankruptcy

| May 6, 2016 | Personal Bankruptcy

Just like others nationwide, Arkansas consumers may also find it difficult to resist deals that look too good to pass up. It is often reported that credit card debt is the cause of many bankruptcy filings, and when looking at the devious ways in which retailers get consumers to spend their hard-earned money, it is not surprising. While many people think twice before falling for obvious tricks, such as “buy two for the price of one” offers, it is often the sneaky perks offered by stores that trick them into buying unnecessary items.

Some examples include liberal return policy notices posted all over stores. When considering buying something, generous return policies often convince consumers to make purchases because the items can easily be returned. Offers of rebates are also often used to trick consumers into buying non-essential products. The hoax is in the fact that the rebate must be claimed by mailing the receipt, and the customer then has to wait for a check to arrive by mail. However, businesses rely on the fact that the percentage of items that are returned or rebates that are claimed is so insignificant that they win the majority of the time.

Online stores also have sly ways they use to convince consumers to spend more than they intend. Many people prefer to order something from companies that offer free shipping without realizing that no companies will intentionally trade at losses, and shipping is likely already included in the prices. A price comparison may reveal another company with a lower price, even including the amount the customer has to pay for shipping.

Arkansas consumers may also have been victims of buying well-priced items online, only to be coaxed into buying expensive add-on items on the way to the check-out page. Suffering the consequences of such manipulation by retailers is not at all uncommon, and consumers whose credit card debts have become overwhelming may want to consult with experienced bankruptcy attorneys to learn about the protections offered by personal bankruptcy. After assessing a client’s unique debt concerns, a lawyer can provide advice and guidance about the available remedies.

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