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Drug trafficking charges brought by feds in meth conspiracy bust

| Apr 7, 2016 | Drug Charges

A federal investigation led to the arrest of five persons recently on drug trafficking charges of conspiring to distribute large quantities of methamphetamine, according to federal law enforcement officers. The Drug Enforcement Administration officers allege that 60 pounds of methamphetamine were seized from the individuals who were arrested in Arkansas. Although it is unclear, it does not appear that the defendants were caught in the process of actual drug trafficking to third persons.

The authorities dubbed the investigation Operation True Grit. In addition to the five persons arrested, one or more other individuals were arrested as conspirators in other states. However, authorities provided little in the way of details regarding the alleged involvement of the individuals arrested.

The DEA spokesman from the Fort Smith office said that the drugs came from Mexico, through Texas and California, and then reached Oklahoma and Arkansas, but again there was little in the way of specific information that was shared. The prosecutions are scheduled to go forward in the U.S. District Court in Fort Smith. The DEA also indicated that five other individuals were wanted on warrants in California for their association with the alleged conspiracy.

Each defendant must immediately consult with independent counsel to obtain full protection and be able to present a vigorous defense. Alternatively, obtaining experienced criminal defense counsel quickly after the arrest is important if the defendant wants to engage in plea bargaining. The attorney will first go over all of the facts in detail to determine is any glaring legal mistakes were committed by the authorities.

If the situation is determined to be one where the defendant wishes to cooperate with the authorities, this is best done under the advice and auspices of his or her criminal defense counsel. In that way, all of the defendant’s personal rights will be protected and counsel will obtain assurances from the prosecution for favorable treatment on the drug trafficking charges prior to the sharing of vital information. The charges are being processed through the federal courts located in Arkansas, but the law and procedure in federal prosecution is fairly uniform throughout the country.

Source:, “DEA reports 5 arrests in meth-ring roundup“, Bill Bowden, April 7, 2016