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Relief options for medical debt in Arkansaso

| Mar 10, 2016 | Medical Debt

Many Arkansas residents have faced unexpected financial stress due to medical emergencies or long-term treatments of disease. Mounting medical debt overwhelm those who already struggle to make ends meet. In many circumstances, various options allow hardworking people to wipe their slates clean through debt relief.

At Hatfield Harris, PLLC, we represent clients whose families have become unable to keep up with the daily costs of living due to medical bills from an injury or illness. When debts rise, many resort to using credit cards to cover expenses, which often leads to further debt and creditor harassment. We have successfully helped many clients discharge their medical bills, thus giving them opportunity to get back on their feet and focus on their physical and financial recoveries.

Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcies are often viable options to those facing financial hardship due to medical bills, credit card debt, mortgages or tax-related issues. As a debt relief agency, we are committed to helping you explore your options and determining how best to proceed to eliminate debt in your situation. We can act as your legal advocate, allowing you more time to focus on treating your illness or recovering from an injury.

If you are struggling with medical debt or other financial woes due to illness or injury, you may contact our Arkansas office to arrange a meeting with an experienced lawyer. The lead attorney at Hatfield Harris, PLLC has been helping clients obtain debt relief for more than 15 years. A free consultation is available so that you can discuss your situation without adding to your financial burden.