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March 2016 Archives

Medical debt need not burden the lives of cancer victims

There are many unfair aspects of our health care insurance coverage for consumers in Arkansas and throughout the nation. The most devastating aspect of the weaknesses of the system is seen with those people who are fighting a possibly fatal disease such as cancer. Instead of the health care network nationwide being set up to take care of those individuals, it is more harsh on them by loading them up, in many cases, with huge medical debt that cannot be re-paid.

Cops accuse defender of conspiracy to perform sexual assault

Online sex stings in Arkansas and other jurisdictions often raise the potential defense of impossibility and related arguments. When the so-called victim is actually an adult police officer posing as a minor, it may be argued that there is no actual victim and therefore no crime. With online stings, the charge is usually in the nature of an attempted sexual assault of a non-existent minor whom the defendant never actually encounters in person.

Bankruptcy does not rule out new credit or credit repair

For residents of Arkansas and other states, there is no doubt that having a bankruptcy on one's credit report will send the credit score downward. However, it does not mean that new credit will be impossible to obtain. It also does not mean that one's credit record cannot be substantially repaired. This can often be accomplished within approximately 24 to 36 months after the bankruptcy, depending on individual fact patterns.

2 teens charged with sexual assault at local high school

The attorney's role in rape and sexual assault cases includes making a preliminary investigation of the facts to determine more accurately what took place and what potential defenses the criminal defendant may pursue. Sometimes, this will lead to a ready admission by the client that he is guilty of sexual assault or related offenses and wants to negotiate a plea. On other occasions, there may be some real questions of fact that come up and that may set the foundation for a defense under Arkansas criminal laws.

Man accused of drug crimes in Arkansas

Depending upon the circumstances of an individual situation, a person accused of illegal drug activity may face misdemeanor or felony charges. Those charged with drug crimes in Arkansas will want to limit the impact those charges have on their lives as much as possible. Often, the key to doing so includes retaining the help of an experienced criminal defense attorney.

Relief options for medical debt in Arkansaso

Many Arkansas residents have faced unexpected financial stress due to medical emergencies or long-term treatments of disease. Mounting medical debt overwhelm those who already struggle to make ends meet. In many circumstances, various options allow hardworking people to wipe their slates clean through debt relief.

Bankruptcy may be the better way to eliminate consumer debts

Debt settlement in Arkansas and elsewhere means that a consumer enters an agreement with a creditor to pay off a loan, often a credit card account, for less than what is owed. As such, debt settlement is the virtual end of the line for the account. This option occurs usually after a default and when the creditor knows that there is little likelihood of the account ever being paid in full. The consumer typically has the option to choose the debt settlement or the bankruptcy option.