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Bankruptcy is a strong remedy to eliminate runaway medical bills

| Jan 16, 2016 | Personal Bankruptcy

Cancer patients in Arkansas and nationwide, and those with a history of cancer, are more than two times as likely to file bankruptcy than others. Additionally, there are ample reports that indicate that medical bills are a top cause of bankruptcy filings in the United States. One of the problems faced by cancer patients and cancer survivors is that cancer therapy expenses have increased two to three times faster than other medical expenses.

It remains to be seen whether Obamacare can mitigate the overload of excess medical charges being imposed on people who have active medical insurance. Tackling that problem should be a major goal of government intervention. It appears to be a shocking disappointment to hard-working citizens to find that their medical insurance may not always shield them from economic ruin.

Therefore, cancer care is a leading contributor to runaway medical charges in the country. It also helps create a precedent for excessive medical charges that are beyond the capacity of the insurance companies to provide coverage. The cost of a new cancer care therapy agent can range from $10,000 to $60,000 per month.

For those in Arkansas who may be facing this kind of a crisis, it may prove highly beneficial to consult with an experienced consumer bankruptcy attorney. Where exorbitant medical bills are still being assessed, efforts to get them paid through insurance or other means should continue aggressively in some cases. For accumulated bills regarding completed services or products that are the subject of ongoing collection efforts, it may be the perfect time to file. These and other issues may be best handled in the confidential confines of an attorney-client consultation where all questions and concerns can be aired.

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