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Violent crimes charges still alive against man who shot himself

| Aug 5, 2015 | Violent Crimes

When a suspect in Arkansas or elsewhere chooses to shoot himself rather than be taken into custody by officials, it is a good bet that there are deep mental and emotional problems that are surfacing in the person’s life. In some cases, criminal defense counsel may be able to assert the mental deficiencies to obtain empathy for the defendant in an attempt to get the charges reduced in favor of treatment. This factor may occasionally even be important in successfully resolving cases that involve alleged violent crimes against the defendant.

On July 23, police reported that they had identified a 26-year-old North Little Rock man who committed two alleged aggravated robberies while posing as a police officer earlier in July. The suspect displayed a gun on a holster and a police badge during the two robberies in Little Rock.  Police said at that time that he was wanted for multiple counts of aggravated robbery, theft of property and first degree criminal impersonation.

On July 30, Arkansas State Police reported that when they located and tried to apprehend the suspect, he attempted to take his own life by shooting himself. After a confrontation with police where he allegedly held a gun to his head, he retreated into a house. Police reported that they later heard a shot inside the house. They found that he had shot himself, and he was transported to a hospital.

The extent of the self-inflicted injuries is unknown. If the man is terminal, then the case of criminal charges against him will become essentially moot. A person cannot be convicted of a crime if he dies before any charges are filed or proved.

At this time, however, the suspect is reportedly still alive. If he survives, he may yet have to face and defend the violent crimes charged against him. The circumstances, however, may allow for emphasis of the man’s need for treatment for his medical and mental conditions. An aggressive and concerned criminal defense attorney is trained and experienced in giving a person charged with violent crimes in Arkansas the most effective representation possible under the circumstances.

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