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April 2015 Archives

Bankruptcy filings are prevalent in retired NFL players

While the careers of most Arkansas residents get well on track at about the age of 30, the careers of some professional sports people are over by that time. The National Bureau of Economic Research reported that a new study revealed that a high number of professional athletes file for bankruptcy within a couple of years after retirement. Sports Illustrated showed similar results in a 2009 report, in which it revealed that 78 percent of retired NFL players experienced financial difficulties due to unemployment or divorce within two years of retirement.

Man charged with human trafficking and sexual assault

Sexual assault charges must be factually investigated by defense counsel to assure that the victim is not fabricating a story to get the accused in trouble. Other reasons for incorrect sexual assault charges may involve exaggeration by the victim or by the police concerning the victim's account of what happened, incorrect identity if the assailant is a stranger or any number of bad motives on the part of the victim. In Arkansas, a man was recently arrested for promoting prostitution, trafficking a person and sexual assault.

Councilwoman files for bankruptcy to discharge credit card debt

In recent years, news articles abound regarding the filing of personal bankruptcy by public officials.  These incidents are sometimes harmful to the individual's political career but not always. Where the debts comprising the bankruptcy are typical consumer bills, the public in Arkansas and elsewhere is more inclined to have an understanding perspective toward the person's need for help.

World Gym owner files personal bankruptcy over back rent claim

Sometimes a personal bankruptcy is precipitated by a lawsuit for back rent and/or an eviction proceeding. A bankruptcy may also be needed if an ejectment action is brought against a debtor after a foreclosure and sale has been consummated. In Arkansas, the manager of World Gym has filed a personal bankruptcy that appears to have been precipitated by a suit against him for $475,000 in late rent.