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Teen charged with aggravated assault against mail carrier

On Behalf of | Jan 21, 2015 | Violent Crimes

When a neighborhood experiences random gun shots being fired into the air on a regular basis, law enforcement authorities will likely feel it necessary to investigate. Little Rock police dealt with this problem in a neighborhood surrounding the intersection of 27th and Adams on Jan. 13, when they received a complaint from the local mail carrier that she had guns pointed and fired at her. Police apprehended and arrested a 16-year-old Arkansas male for aggravated assault.

The teen is being prosecuted as an adult and is reportedly now free on $7,500 bail. The postal worker apparently identified two suspects shooting at her, but there is currently no indication of a second arrest. According to one neighbor in the area, random shots are heard there just about every day.

One witness, who is also a cousin of the suspect, stated that the mail carrier viewed the situation incorrectly. He insists that they were not shooting at her. Apparently, the witness believes that they were shooting into the air.

The nature of the firearms allegedly involved have not been reported. It is not clear whether the alleged guns were real firearms or pellet guns of some sort. If they were not shooting real bullets, there may be a defense to the aggravated assault charges. Additionally, if the suspect can prove that he was shooting into the air, it may also be a partial or complete defense.

Usually, a teen would be dealt with by juvenile authorities, but, in this case, the complaint of the mail carrier has presumably raised a more critical need in the eyes of the police. However, defense counsel may be able to argue successfully that she is mistaken regarding what was taking place and incorrectly associated the shots as being intended for her. Counsel may also have to parse the complexities of Arkansas criminal law to resolve whether the circumstances will support a conviction for aggravated assault.

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