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2 men arrested in Pope County on first-degree murder charges

Defending someone on a first-degree murder charge some five years after the crime occurred can be a massive undertaking for Arkansas criminal defense counsel. On Dec. 5 two men were arrested and charged with the Sept.8, 2009 murder of a 50-year-old Dover man. Authorities said that the investigation has been ongoing and that it was a joint effort of the Arkansas State Police, the Pope County Sheriff's Office and the prosecuting attorney's office in the Fifth Judicial District.

Arkansas man arrested and held on first-degree murder charge

Among violent crimes, a murder case is especially challenging to criminal defense counsel. In Arkansas and elsewhere, a criminal prosecution for first-degree murder requires the full attention of the defense attorney and his investigative staff. It is the attorney's duty to give a vigorous and comprehensive defense, and to recognize and deal with all issues that may exonerate the charges or allow for a reduction in their severity.

Suspect's wife arrested, charged with murder of realtor

In a relatively small suburban Arkansas community, an ongoing murder case can be of intensive interest to the public. A few months back, authorities in Pulaski County arrested a man with a sordid criminal past for the alleged murder and kidnapping of a female real estate agent who was apparently showing or had shown a property to the person believed to have been the perpetrator. On October 30, the authorities arrested the suspect's wife and charged her also with capital murder and kidnapping charges.