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Wealthy female faces aggravated assault charges for pointing gun

In Arkansas, aggravated assault is a Class D felony. If a person, while expressing extreme indifference to the value of human life, creates a substantial danger of death or serious physical injury to another person, the person is guilty of aggravated assault. The criminal statute includes pointing a firearm at someone in a way that creates a danger of death or serious physical injury.

2 youths charged with terroristic threats in separate incidents

Any rational and informed person should know by now that joking about shooting or threatening students at educational institutions is no joke. Rather, it is likely to be tried as a brutally serious offense in light of the many deadly school shootings occurring in the past several years. That fact makes it even more shocking to see two young people in Arkansas being caught up in a net of alleged terroristic threats against their respective schools and fellow students.

Does woman's selfie mean that her boyfriend is guilty of murder?

Many people have posted selfies and other pictures on social media that they wish they had not put out there for their friends, let alone anyone else, to see. Unflattering social media pictures can cost people their jobs and their marriages, among other things. However, police in Arkansas discovered the selfie of a murder victim, and they claim the photo points to her boyfriend as the person who killed her.

Haskell police officer charged with sexual assault and child porn

Just as in the rest of the country, Arkansas is getting its share of arrests and allegations of criminal behavior against law enforcement officers. That trend was furthered by a recent arrest in Haskell of a police officer for 2d degree sexual assault involving a juvenile and two child pornography charges. Despite the dramatic publicity given to the arrest and the subsequent firing of the officer, none of the reports indicate specifically what the specific allegations are against him. In that respect, his life and reputation have been effectively and permanently tainted without a shred of evidence put forth against him.

Violent crimes charges still alive against man who shot himself

When a suspect in Arkansas or elsewhere chooses to shoot himself rather than be taken into custody by officials, it is a good bet that there are deep mental and emotional problems that are surfacing in the person's life. In some cases, criminal defense counsel may be able to assert the mental deficiencies to obtain empathy for the defendant in an attempt to get the charges reduced in favor of treatment. This factor may occasionally even be important in successfully resolving cases that involve alleged violent crimes against the defendant.

22-year-old woman held in alleged attempted murder of boyfriend

Violent crimes between domestic partners are a common problem that in the criminal justice system. In some cases, the physical injury inflicted rises to a level serious enough to require a substantial prison sentence. In one Arkansas case out of Shelby County, a 22-year-old woman may be facing a homicide charge after pumping five bullets into the back of her ex-boyfriend. The victim is reported to be in stable but serious condition at the Regional One medical facility. If he survives, she may be charged with attempted murder, aggravated assault and possible related charges.

Prosecution drops murder charges due to death of key witness

There is no statute of limitations on murder in Arkansas or any other state. That is why the authorities may continue to investigate an unsolved murder for decades. The odds for a conviction, however, are reduced as time passes with no arrest or prosecution. This is due to loss of evidence, loss of witnesses and other reasons related to the passage of time.

Police charge man with murder in shooting death of girlfriend

In Arkansas as in other states, the charge of first-degree murder is the highest degree of homicide. It includes the aspect of deliberate planning, lying in wait or other elements of intentional and knowing homicide. The prosecution must prove that the accused acted with intentional and deliberate intent, sometimes called malice aforethought, to commit murder.

ASU player faces criminal battery charges after hitting officer

In Arkansas battery of a law enforcement officer is a felony. The crime involves  knowingly and without legal justification causing physical injury to a person that he or she knows to be a law enforcement officer. An Arkansas State University student was recently charged with that kind of battery and related crimes after reportedly punching a police officer in the throat.

Woman's arrest leads to domestic violence charge on boyfriend

After two women were arrested in Arkansas on Thursday, Feb. 19 while walking in an allegedly intoxicated condition on the roadway in front of traffic, one of them got the bonus of having police arrest a man who was allegedly involved in an assault on her earlier in the day. The police got enough facts in interviewing the female violator to find out that she had been a victim of domestic violence. They arrested the 23-year-old man for domestic battery.