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Man held on capital murder charge involving wife's death

When a person is arrested in Arkansas on a homicide charge, it is vital for the suspect to speak with defense counsel as quickly as possible. Statements should not be given to the police or other persons until legal counsel is present to assure the individual of his or her rights. A man was arrested in White County recently on a suspicion of capital murder charge in connection with his wife's death.

Financial hardship arises when insurers reject medical bills

With all of the controversy over mandated health insurance coverage, one very prominent problem still needs to be addressed by legislators. It is the fact that even though a person has health insurance coverage, not all of his or her prescribed treatments and medications are being paid by the insurers. This phenomenon is occurring in Arkansas and across the country, and it continues to create severe financial hardship that will likely result in bankruptcy filings in the foreseeable future.

Felony battery charge on woman accused of using switch

In Arkansas, the criminal laws are strictly enforced. That's what both a 12-year-old girl and her 70-year-old great grandmother recently learned when the girl had the older woman arrested for battery. However, judging from public opinion, it was an unpopular enforcement decision by the Hot Springs Police, who are on the hot seat for arresting the older woman for doing what many people seem to feel was the right thing to do.  

High school band leader arrested on sexual assault charge

When an educator is charged with sexual assault involving one 16-year-old student, the defense attorney will conduct a thorough investigation of the facts to determine the strengths and weaknesses of the case. Such cases are not by any means cut and dried nor are they always subject to an automatic guilty plea. There are occasionally factual situations in which the accused teacher may have a true defense to sexual assault charges under Arkansas law.

Cops accuse defender of conspiracy to perform sexual assault

Online sex stings in Arkansas and other jurisdictions often raise the potential defense of impossibility and related arguments. When the so-called victim is actually an adult police officer posing as a minor, it may be argued that there is no actual victim and therefore no crime. With online stings, the charge is usually in the nature of an attempted sexual assault of a non-existent minor whom the defendant never actually encounters in person.

2 teens charged with sexual assault at local high school

The attorney's role in rape and sexual assault cases includes making a preliminary investigation of the facts to determine more accurately what took place and what potential defenses the criminal defendant may pursue. Sometimes, this will lead to a ready admission by the client that he is guilty of sexual assault or related offenses and wants to negotiate a plea. On other occasions, there may be some real questions of fact that come up and that may set the foundation for a defense under Arkansas criminal laws.

The facts regarding assault charges may provide a defense

Charges of criminal assault and aggravated assault in Arkansas are based on fact specific events that must be supported by credible evidence. There may be altercations that point to two or more people being involved in fighting, but the police may decide to arrest only one of the individuals due to an 'official' version of the facts that they accept as a basis for their case against the defendant. Thus, the possibility that the police have adopted an erroneous set of facts may leave ample room for defense counsel to investigate and establish a range of issues and facts that may exonerate the defendant or result in mitigating circumstances. Recently in Little Rock the police arrested a 37-year-old apartment manager for aggravated assault, second-degree domestic battery and residential burglary.

Former police officer charged with sexual assault of minor female

There appears to have been a variety of arrests of police officers on criminal offenses throughout the country in the past few years. Some of the arrests were for participation in drug trafficking operations, while others were related to sex offenses, including sexual assault and contact with minors. These types of cases have also been ongoing in Arkansas.

Police charge teacher with sexual assault involving two students

Arkansas, like all other states, has its share of arrests of teachers for sexual assault and sexual relations with their minor students. It may be that these kinds of incidents occur as often in the past, but in present times information clearly travels faster and wider than ever before. The latest arrest involves a teacher and coach for sexual assault and rape. The 36-year-old male is accused of having sex with two different victims during the 2013 and 2014 school years.

High school business teacher charged with student sexual assault

An Arkansas high school teacher has been arrested and charged with a sex offense. The Bentonville police arrested the 62-year-old male business and computer science teacher for second degree sexual assault after a student accused him of touching the student's crotch area. Police have not revealed the age or gender of the complainant.