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Payment plans don't always work for medical bills

Medical debt is something that you usually can't properly plan for. It just isn't possible to know when you are going to get sick or injured. This can make it financially devastating when you do have significant medical bills coming in and can't cover them. You know that you got the treatment, but you can't make money magically appear.

Debts soar in the United States, with mortgages higher than ever

As someone who is struggling with debt, it's important for you to know that you're not alone. Many people in America struggle with debt every day. There is a large amount of medical debt, credit card debt, student loan debt and mortgage debt that affect people from all walks of life.

New changes could help reduce the impact of medical debts

If you're struggling to get your credit on track, one of the things you may be frustrated with is the fact that medical bills can impact your credit so much. One missed bill can cause your credit score to drop significantly if it goes to collections.

Bankruptcy can help you when medical debt is crushing your life

Medical debt is a huge reason why people go into debt. Many people think that they must pay the medical bills off as quickly as possible so they rely heavily on credit cards to make ends meet. If you have medical debt, credit card debt or other debts, you might find that you are facing insurmountable odds for getting it all paid. The thought of being in debt might be consuming your life. We can help you to learn about the options that you have to try to get out of debt. You don't have to continue to struggle.

Medical debt is an unpredictable type of debt that overwhelms

Medical debt is a unique kind of debt because you can't predict it or control it. The only way that most people can ensure they don't owe medical debt is to ignore the need for all medical care, including emergency care. This isn't something that is desirable for most people. With that in mind, you do have an option for getting out of medical debt if you find that it is overwhelming you.