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What do I need to know about pot laws in Arkansas?

Some Arkansas residents mistakenly believe that marijuana is now legal in the state, but you can still get busted for its recreational use. It's important to understand that distinction, as last year, Arkansas voters passed a referendum allowing the use of marijuana as treatment for certain conditions.

Deal with drug charges with avoiding future trouble in mind

The effects of using drugs can impact every aspect of your life. We recently discussed how it is possible to face criminal charges if you get caught driving with drugs in your system. This is only one of the possibilities you face if you do drugs.

Know what can happen if you drive after taking drugs of any sort

Many people know the dangers of drunk driving, but some people don't realize the dangers of drugged driving. People tend to think that some drugs, such as over-the-counter and prescription drugs, as well as marijuana, are safe to use before driving. This isn't the case. Drugged driving can lead to serious penalties.

College students facing charges for study drugs must act quickly

When you think of drug charges, you might think of those related to the sale, distribution, manufacturing or use of a illegal drugs. It might come as a surprise that you can face criminal charges for the use or sale of legal drugs.

The type of drug impacts the charge and potential sentence

When you're facing drug charges, the type of drugs involved -- not to mention the activity that allegedly related to the drugs -- has a big influence on what consequences you might face if you are convicted. Your own history and the type of drug can also impact whether a prosecutor is willing to work with you on a plea or negotiate reduced charges and sentencing.

Know your options to resolve drug charges in Arkansas

If you are facing drug charges in Arkansas, you might be surprised to find that there are sometimes options for how the case is resolved. One of these options is the Drug Court program. This program is meant for people who have a drug addiction and were charged with a crime. There are several different criteria for entering into the drug court program. One of the most notable is that you can't be considered a violent offender based on current or former charges.

How are cocaine convictions handled in Arkansas?

When you are accused of having cocaine in your possession in Arkansas, you may be facing some very serious charges. In fact, having even small amounts of cocaine in your possession is a felony in this state. Anyone who is facing cocaine charges should find out exactly what options they have, and they need to take the serious penalties of these charges into account when considering the options.

11 arrested for drug crimes in alleged sales of methamphetamine

Federal authorities in Arkansas recently arrested 11 of 13 defendants allegedly involved in a large-scale drug trafficking organization in Blytheville. The arrests, made on Oct. 18, all dealt with drug crimes such as the delivery of drugs or conspiring to deliver drugs. The charges pertained specifically to selling methamphetamine and various weapons possessions.

Man arrested in Walmart on drug crimes re methamphetamine

Generally, the authorities in Arkansas and elsewhere cannot arrest someone who has a strange look or who is walking aimlessly in a public place. There must be some outward manifestation of antisocial or suspicious behavior to make police intervention justifiable. An incident occurred at the Walmart Supercenter in Jefferson County recently that may test that legal premise. A man was stopped in the store, searched and arrested on a charge of drug crimes, but the final verdict on whether it was a valid arrest is uncertain.