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Drug Charges Archives

Search for guns and drug crimes nets little contraband

When a search warrant is issued for a private home, defense counsel must examine the warrant and the surrounding circumstances to determine whether there were deficiencies in the process. Fourth Amendment principles in Arkansas and all other states require that a search warrant be issued only upon probable cause, and that it must particularly describe the place and the subject matter being searched.  In most cases, when a search warrant or the search itself is determined to be deficient, the suppression of the evidence with respect to alleged drug crimes or gun charges will result in dismissal of the charged crimes.

Drug trafficking charges brought by feds in meth conspiracy bust

A federal investigation led to the arrest of five persons recently on drug trafficking charges of conspiring to distribute large quantities of methamphetamine, according to federal law enforcement officers. The Drug Enforcement Administration officers allege that 60 pounds of methamphetamine were seized from the individuals who were arrested in Arkansas. Although it is unclear, it does not appear that the defendants were caught in the process of actual drug trafficking to third persons.

Man accused of drug crimes in Arkansas

Depending upon the circumstances of an individual situation, a person accused of illegal drug activity may face misdemeanor or felony charges. Those charged with drug crimes in Arkansas will want to limit the impact those charges have on their lives as much as possible. Often, the key to doing so includes retaining the help of an experienced criminal defense attorney.

College student faces felony drug charge over chemistry lab

Authorities recently arrested a chemistry student at an Arkansas college for allegedly manufacturing a controlled substance and a variety of other drug crimes. Public safety officers with Hendrix College were reportedly carrying out routine inspections of college-owned apartments when they discovered an alleged drug lab in the suspect's apartment. Samples of the substances found at the scene turned out to be LSD, DMT and AMT, which are psychedelic drugs. The manufacturing charge is a felony drug charge.

Sweep nets 7 arrests for alleged drug crimes, 13 still at-large

Authorities on both the state and federal level, including here in Arkansas, are fond of conducting broad drug sweeps that show a crackdown on a large number of drug offenders. Often, however, those arrested are street junkies and drug addicts rather than those at the very top of the distribution chain. In addition, arrests of a large number of people on alleged drug crimes often leads to improper arrests that are not accurately documented or supported by sufficient evidence.

Driver faces felony drug charge on 253 lb. marijuana bust

A real estate agent from another state was arrested in Arkansas recently when state troopers found 253 pounds of potent marijuana in the truck she was driving. The incident illustrates once again some of the issues that come up when a routine traffic stop leads to a felony drug charge. The first question that the accused woman's criminal defense attorney will face is whether the traffic stop itself was justified.

Execution of search warrant leads to felony drug charge

Being accused of drug crimes in Arkansas can have dire consequences. Regardless of whether an individual is facing a misdemeanor or felony drug charge, a conviction can have a mortifying impact on his or her life. Two residents of Yellville are likely considering their options related to protecting their legal rights after they were recently arrested and charged with drug crimes.

21-year-old Arkansas man on bond after accused of drug crimes

Drug crimes are taken seriously nationwide, and manufacturing, possessing, selling and trafficking of controlled substances can have devastating consequences. Arkansas narcotics officers and police recently manned a traffic stop in the prevention of drug crimes. Detectives noticed a driver operating a vehicle without being restrained. When they followed the vehicle, the driver allegedly increased his speed and made numerous evasive turns before ultimately stopping in a driveway.

Feds arrest doctor, 18 others for prescription drugs conspiracy

Federal authorities in Arkansas continued a crack-down on prescription abuse recently by arresting a Little Rock doctor and 18 others for conspiracy to distribute oxycodone. Since Jan. 2014, the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Arkansas has received the filing of six  federal indictments charging 113 people, including five doctors, of illegal misuse of prescription drugs. The recent indictment accused a 49-year-old doctor of writing prescriptions for oxycodone and selling them for $500 each.

Police in Benton step up arrests for heroin-related drug crimes

Police in Benton have stated that they have stepped up their arrests for heroin violations in the past several weeks, indicating that there is an influx of the drug into the area. In one incident on Aug. 13, the police pulled over a car for an undisclosed traffic violation and found a number of illegal drugs and a firearm. Both occupants were charged with drug crimes under Arkansas law, involving possession with intent to deliver both heroin and methamphetamine, along with other charges.