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Credit Card Debt Archives

Don't be tempted by illegal ways of paying off credit card debt

Most people who are in debt due to credit cards don't think about turning to illegal methods to pay those debts off. One thing that many people want to do once they realize that their debts are overwhelming is to pay them off as quickly as possible.

Know how to spot debt collector harassment

Having to deal with bill collectors isn't on the top of anyone's list of fun things they can do during the day. There are some specific points that anyone who has to deal with debt collectors should know so that they can determine when legal attempts to collect a debt turn into harassment.

Credit card debt can be difficult to overcome

Credit card debt is difficult to overcome, especially when you can't afford to make more than just the minimum monthly payments. As time moves forward, you will likely find that you are having to pay more and more in interest. Even the fees from the card might start pushing the balance up.

Credit debt continues to grow across the United States

If you ask anyone in America how much credit card debt he or she has, he or she is likely to tell you an amount. Most Americans carry at least some debt on credit cards. A May 17 news report looked into just how much people carry in debt today.

Credit cards can help or harm your financial situation

There are several things to think about when you are considering a credit card. One thing is that you will have to repay what you charge. Another thing is that credit card companies make their money off of fees and interest. While fees and interest aren't likely to be much if you use your credit card responsibly, they can add a hefty amount to purchases if something happens and you can't pay the card off in full each month or within a reasonable time.