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Traffic stop leads to search warrant and arrest for drug crimes

Traffic stops are an abundant source of drug arrests in Arkansas and nationwide. Some criminal defense experts argue that not all of these stops are really for random traffic violations. They argue that, occasionally, the authorities may stop a driver based on drug suspicions and justify the stop by calling it a traffic violation. Criminal defense counsel will look carefully at the circumstances surrounding purported traffic stops to make sure that there was a legitimate reason to make the initial stop and to file ensuing charges for drug crimes.

Massive incarcerations for drug crimes may be easing up

There may be a growing bi-partisan appreciation in the U.S. Congress regarding the skewed system of criminal justice now existing in the country. The system works on a model that encourages mass incarcerations, teaches the imprisoned the values of hardened criminals, and then releases them into a society that refuses to give them jobs or any form of rehabilitative assistance. Meanwhile, a culture of law enforcement in Arkansas and other states still thrives on concepts like the "war on drugs," which demand arresting and imprisoning people on all forms of drug crimes.

Arkansas enforcement yields several arrests for drug crimes

Drug activity in the Arkansas County of Crawford has reportedly been a concern of the mayor of Mulberry for some time. Following meetings with authorities such as state and local police and the County Prosecutor, a plan was devised to take action against alleged drug crimes involving supposed dealers and users in the area. The enforcement team also included the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency and a K9 unit.

Feds charge man with illegal distribution of prescription drugs

One of the most critical drug problems that authorities struggle with in Arkansas and elsewhere involves the distribution of highly addictive narcotic pills, such as Hydrocodone. These are prescription drugs that may be prescribed by a doctor for severe pain. Sometimes, however, those who start taking the pills innocently for pain become hopelessly addicted to the powerful narcotic.  

4 accused of possession and selling controlled substances

Arkansas residents who have been arrested for possession of controlled substances such as methamphetamines, heroin, marijuana or cocaine may face potentially high fines and even some years in jail. Both possession and the intention of selling controlled substances could end up in a conviction that will have lasting consequences on an individual's life. However, any person who is accused of such offenses has the right to obtain representation to protect his or her legal rights.

Drug crimes are serious and merit focused legal representation

Drug crimes are regarded as serious offenses in Arkansas. Individuals who are accused of possessing or manufacturing drugs, along with those accused of trafficking or dealing in them, may face severe consequences. Prohibited drugs include methamphetamines, cocaine, marijuana, Ecstasy and mushrooms. Other drug crimes that individuals may be accused of are those involving prescription drugs. Charges of obtaining such drugs without a prescription may also lead to severe penalties should a conviction actually result.