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Man charged with human trafficking and sexual assault

Sexual assault charges must be factually investigated by defense counsel to assure that the victim is not fabricating a story to get the accused in trouble. Other reasons for incorrect sexual assault charges may involve exaggeration by the victim or by the police concerning the victim's account of what happened, incorrect identity if the assailant is a stranger or any number of bad motives on the part of the victim. In Arkansas, a man was recently arrested for promoting prostitution, trafficking a person and sexual assault.

Teen charged with aggravated assault against mail carrier

When a neighborhood experiences random gun shots being fired into the air on a regular basis, law enforcement authorities will likely feel it necessary to investigate. Little Rock police dealt with this problem in a neighborhood surrounding the intersection of 27th and Adams on Jan. 13, when they received a complaint from the local mail carrier that she had guns pointed and fired at her. Police apprehended and arrested a 16-year-old Arkansas male for aggravated assault.

Teaching assistant charged with sexual assault on student

A report by a female student in an Arkansas junior high school has resulted in the arrest of a teaching assistant on sex charges. The Cabot Police Department has charged a 23-year-old female paraprofessional with felony sexual assault against the junior high school girl. The details of the alleged assault have not been reported.