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Violent family gatherings may lead to criminal charges

The holiday season brings families together, but these aren't always peaceful events. Sometimes, family gatherings can bring disagreements. It is imperative that you have a plan to keep the peace if you know you are going to be at an event with someone with whom you don't really see eye-to-eye. This might help you avoid facing criminal charges after a violent confrontation.

Important points to know about assault charges

People often use weapons to help them remain safe. Unfortunately, this is sometimes necessary with the state of the country these days. Along with feeling the need to have a weapon comes the possibility of facing criminal charges if you ever have to use it. These violent crime charges can have stark impacts on your life.

Two dead, teen accused of double homicide

Violent crimes can happen unexpectedly, even for those committing them. Some may strike out at someone as a way of defending themselves, while others may accidentally shoot someone or cause them harm during a burglary. It's worth hearing out the person responsible for injuries or deaths to determine if they were intentional and what provoked the violent act.

Planning a violent crime charge defense is a complex undertaking

A violent crime puts other people in danger, which is one of the factors that makes these cases so difficult for people to hear about. What some people don't realize is that there might be elements in the case that aren't being released that could make a difference in how the matter is handled. We know that it is frightening to have to face these charges. We are here to help you learn what you might do about them.

What can you do to avoid a violent crime conviction?

Violent crimes are some of the crimes most looked down upon by society. They range from simple fights to homicides and first-degree murders. When people become violent, they put themselves and others in danger. One wrong move could lead to injuries that are irreversible.

Don't let the possibility of a deal derail your defense planning

A defense to violent crime charges must be carefully planned. It will take some work to determine what facets of the case deserve focus and which only need a passing review. We know that you might not even know where to get started. We are here to help you go over the case and plan a defense strategy that takes your goals into account.

Know about the different types of homicides charges

The loss of a human life is a serious matter. When there is foul play, negligence, recklessness or similar matters involved, the loss of life might mean that there is a criminal element to the case. In some instances, a homicide case might be opened.

Find your holiday joy and avoid facing violent crime charges

Being charged with a violent crime isn't something that should be high on anyone's holiday wishlist. Unfortunately, there are some instances in which family gatherings might turn into one big argument. It is best to know your boundaries so that you can make the decision about when it is best to leave.

Explore every defense avenue when facing a violent crime charge

Violent crime charges often come with time in prison when a person is convicted. Anyone who is charged with this type of crime has the right to get a defense together against the charges and work to present it during a trial before a jury of peers.

Confessed murderer freed from Arkansas prison

A man who confessed to the Feb. 2001 killing of a transient woman walked out of an Arkansas prison after the first-degree murder charge he was convicted of was dismissed by a Crawford County Circuit Court judge. That dismissal followed a motion that was filed by a special prosecutor from Fort Smith.