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Coach resigns following accusations of drug trafficking

If you are employed in a position where you're around children, one of the worst things that can happen is for you to be accused of drug charges. Why is it bad? You're around minors and could even be accused of selling to those around you.

Drug possession: Potential defense strategies to consider

Drug charge convictions can impact a person for a long time, so many defendants choose to fight the charges they are facing. There are many different options that you have when you are trying to determine what defense strategy is appropriate for your case.

Drug charges come with many consequences

Drug charges can impact almost every area of your life, including your school, work and personal life. The exact consequences you face depend on the circumstances surrounding the situation where you are found to be in possession of drugs or using drugs and the activities you are involved in.

Criminal charges don't automatically come with prison time

People who are facing nonviolent criminal charges in Arkansas might end up going through a program from the Arkansas Community Correction (ACC) program. This may provide them with an option that enables them to remain in the community instead of having to go to prison. In some cases, the person will receive services at a Community Corrections Center, which is a residential program.

Drug court can help people who are committed to the program

For some people who are facing drug charges, going through a full trial isn't desirable. Those who have charges involving possession without any extenuating circumstances might choose to pursue the possibility of drug court. This is a special criminal court that brings the punishments of the criminal justice system together with help to address addiction and some of the choices that come with it.

Marijuana possession charges still happen in Arkansas

Marijuana is a drug that is becoming more widely accepted, but it is one that is still considered illegal by the federal government. In Arkansas, you can face criminal charges for having marijuana in your possession if you don't have the drug for medicinal purposes and in a manner that complies with Issue 6; however, this charge isn't associated with the harsh penalties of other drugs like methamphetamine or heroin. This doesn't mean that you can ignore them. Instead, you have to face them head-on.

Drug charges vary greatly according to circumstances

The use of drugs is something that addicts can't easily get away from. These individuals face a tough road to recovery when they try to get off the substances. Unfortunately, this need to get clean might come at a time when they are facing criminal charges related to their drug usage. This makes it difficult to address the addiction because they become focused on the charges.

Know your options for facing drug charges

Drug charges must be addressed as quickly as possible. Even if you think that you have plenty of time before you go to court, you should get started on your defense strategy as quickly as possible once you know that you are facing charges. We know that this might be a complex and difficult situation for you because of the possibility of serious penalties.