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Credit card debt in America is increasing, but delinquency is low

Consumer debt is on the rise, and this is good news for the credit card companies. It is estimated that the debt load from consumers increased $80 billion last year. One trend that is boosting this increase is online shopping. Consumers are turning away from paying cash to local businesses and leaning more toward making credit card purchases online.

Credit card debt in America is creeping higher than last year

Credits cards are a primary source of payment for many Americans. The debt that comes with this is easy for some to pay off when the time comes; however, there is an increase in people who are having problems with remaining confident that they can pay their bills. Part of this is due to the high interest rates on some cards.

Plan for paying off your holiday debts

Many Americans opt to use credit cards to pay for holiday expenses. Unfortunately, this means that they start the new year in debt. Trying to pay these bills off becomes a priority because the account is constantly accruing interest. If you plan on using your credit accounts to pay for Christmas gifts, you need to make a plan to pay off the balances soon after the new year, so you aren't saddled with it all year long.

Now is the time to plan for Christmas purchases

Christmas is just under three months away, so now is the time to start looking for good deals on the gifts you want to purchase. While you don't have much time, you can start saving now so that you aren't having to spend a lot on credit cards for this holiday.

Some people can't afford to file bankruptcy

Bankruptcy is often thought of as a way to get control of your debt. The trouble is that some people aren't able to take advantage of it because it is cost-prohibitive. The cost of filing is too much for some people, so they just try to handle the debts as best as they can. This can become a source of extreme stress for them because they are unable to do much about the extreme debt they are in.

Christmas is coming but doesn't have to involve debt

Even though most people don't want to think about it, Christmas is right around the corner. Now is the time that you have to think about what you are going to do for loved ones on that holiday. Some people will go overboard and buy gifts that they really can't afford. This is because they just didn't plan and now feel the pressure of the coming gift-giving season.

Looking at credit card debt can be daunting

Credit card debt is a reality for many people. It is easy to become overwhelmed with credit card debt, but it can be equally difficult to get out of that debt. Some people work diligently to pay off their bills and keep a good credit score. Others realize that they are in too deep and opt to file for bankruptcy. Neither way is wrong, so you should evaluate your circumstances carefully to determine which is the best for you.

College students at risk for high credit card debt, report shows

Credit card debt can make your life miserable. It can weigh down your finances and make it hard to make ends meet. Even if you've only had to put a few thousand dollars on your credit cards because of an emergency, it can take many months, or years, to pay that debt off.

How does debt affect Americans?

Credit card debt has become a significant problem for Americans. Individual credit card debt stands at around $5,331 as of 2019. In most cases, Americans don't pay the amount owed in full, either, which is another issue. By not paying in full, they face interest accruing; Interest can exceed 25 percent annually.